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About NFIRegulomeDB

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NFIRegulomeDB is a single database source of genes regulated by Nuclear Factor I transcription factor family



     The purpose of the NFI regulome database is to create a single source of information to examine the structure of the control elements of genes known to be regulated by NFI proteins. This database is designed to be able to group genes by common regulatory elements and to find patterns of structure and function of transcription factors in control elements. Information on the location and function of specific transcription factor binding sites is stored and can be retrieved by gene, transcription factor and tissue in which the gene is expressed.


NFIRegulomeDB has pursued creating a simple binding site annotation system. Using NFIRegulomeDB annotating system, annotator can easily find the actual transcription factor binding sites on given gene sequences comparing with published articles. Annotators can also add the binding site by selecting the binding site sequences on viewing gene sequence or by submitting the actual binding sequence in a text box.

Analytic function

Distance distribution graph

Graphic viewer of genes aligned by arbitrary binding site positions


We are uploading our data into the ORegAnno(Open Regulatory Annotation Database).


Links to NFIRegulomeDB dataset in ORegAnno





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